Anatomy of a Wedding Dress

We’ve all dreamt of our wedding dress at some point in our lives, but when it comes to actually shopping and choosing the dress, you might feel confused and overwhelmed from all the possibilities out there. You’ll be presented with many different terminologies that won’t make sense at first. But when you learn and understand them, you’ll have a fun and easy shopping experience that we guarantee you’ll want to share the story of picking your dress with your loved ones.

White Swan Bridal Boutique is here to help you get a wedding dress that compliments your look, fits perfectly, and drops everyone’s jaw on your big day. 

To turn your dream dress that you’ve been planning of since high school into reality, you will need to learn about the anatomy of a wedding dress. In other words, the details of all the styles, fabric, quality, etc.

What are the parts of a wedding dress? 

There is a lot more that goes into a wedding dress than you think. Think of your gown as a vehicle, it looks absolutely stunning from the outside, but it also has a lot going on the inside that helps it maintain its fabulous look; just like a wedding dress. You want to make sure that your gown is easy to wear, comfortable and beautiful. 


Deep-v wedding dress for beach
Deep-v neckline Wedding Dresses

Neckline is the part of dress that will help you expose your collarbones; which is the most flattering part of the body. This part of the dress is one of the most essential parts because it’s going to dictate what you choose for hairstyle, jewelry and makeup. If you’re looking for a more exposed and skin visible dress, then you’ll want to look for sweetheart, halter, portrait, one-shoulder, deep-v, and strapless gowns. But if you’re going for a more conservative bridal look, then you can choose from Jewel, bateau, and mandarin as they have a higher neckline. 


sleeves do play an important role in the overall look of the dress; they are the section of the dress that covers your arms. Most brides choose sleeves based on the season and comfort. While choosing a sleeve, you have to make sure that it goes well with the neckline. For instance, a sweetheart neckline will match well with a sleeveless dress. 


Bodice is the fabric that connects the bust and the waistline of the gown. Bodice comes in various sizes and shapes that compliment different types of body types and styles. Some gowns’ bodices are traditional and simple, while others are two unconnected pieces of top and bottom. You can decorate them with anything you desire, from beads to crystals to lace. 

Aline wedding dress with deepv neckline and beading top


Silhouette expresses the overall style and shape of the gown. You have probably heard of the terms “mermaid” or “ballgown” before. These exciting terms refer to the silhouette of a gown; the most important part of a dress. If you’re going for a sexy and fun look, then a mermaid gown is best. But if you are a fan of elegant and classic dresses, then sheath is the one for you. 


Waistline is where the skirt of the gown meets the top; it provides shape and balance and it can jazz up the silhouette. Before choosing a waistline, you should really check if goes with the overall look. For instance, if your wedding gown’s skirt is a wide skirt ballgown dress, then a Basque waistline is the perfect fit, since it minimizes the waist and balances the upper body. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an hour-glass shaped figure, then a dropped waistline is best suited. 


Hemline is the length of a dress. More often the not, the hemline dictates the formality of the wedding. Young brides tend to prefer short wedding dresses since they are more fun and informal. A gown that reaches to the floor indicates a more formal and elegant wedding. 

a-line wedding dress with long train


Fabrics will make or break your wedding dress. When choosing the fabric of the dress, you need to consider the environment, style and venue of your wedding. Are you going for a tropical wedding, cruise wedding, or a formal ceremony wedding?

These all play a crucial part in selecting the fabric of the dress. If you want your overall look to be elegant, expensive and beautiful, we recommend you go with satin. Meanwhile, chiffon will present you with a more fun and playful look. 

Our custom design service allows you to pick the fabric and lace of your choosing, this will give you more freedom to create the look that you’ve been dreaming of.


The train enhances the appearance of your wedding dress and adds a magical touch to it. Trains could be removable or attached to the dress. Just like the hemline, the length of the train indicates the formality of the wedding. The longer the train, the more formal the wedding is. There are so many different types of trains; for example, a Watteau or court train is the one that starts from the shoulders and works its way down in a majestic manner.   

A wedding gown is a masterpiece that makes you feel special, spectacular and powerful on your big day, which is why you should take your time in choosing every element of the final look. White swan bridal boutique will help transform your vision into reality and will ensure you have a great time selecting your piece of art!