Custom Dresses

Creating a Unique Custom Wedding Dress

Here at our wedding and bridal boutique you can find your ready to wear custom made wedding dress. You can create your own. Yes… create your own by customizing any part of the wedding dress, or by coming up with a design from scratch.

Your dress will suite your body. Exclusive partnerships with outstanding designers allow us to offer a unique level of affordable customizations on almost all wedding dresses. We don’t believe customizations cause headaches and encourage them. We believe anything is possible. 

Our team will work with you step by step to create and complete your wedding dress from scratch. Your wedding dress will arrive tailored exclusively to your own measurements, and not standard sizing. This way you’ll have the ability to use your alterations budget to splurge on the honeymoon. 

We guarantee to provide the highest quality and the best look for your big day. White Swan Bridal guarantees to provide the time, attention, and care that you deserve on your big day.

How To Get Started

  1. Come in and Give us images of wedding dresses styles that you like.
  2. Select several wedding dresses from our collection as the base.
  3. Our team will order fabric swatches for you to pick on your wedding dress. 
  4. Combine desired features into your unique wedding dress. 
  5. Our team will follow up with you for all the steps during productions. 
  6. Alter as needed.
Wedding Dress sketch